• Organising national and international cultural, sports, artistic, scientific, etc. events related to the realization of the main goals of our ogranisation;
  • Implementation of partnership with state, regional and local institutions, non-governmental Bulgarian and international organizations for the implementation of activities and initiatives aimed at children, youth and adults;
  • Coordination and participation in Bulgarian and international programs and projects, Bulgarian state funds, programs of foreign governments and other funding institutions to achieve the goals of the Association;
  • Development of strategies and practices in the field of exchange and cooperation; programs and projects for protection of the civil, social and labor rights of children, youth and elderly people; educational, informational and qualification programs for pupils, students, workers and employees, including those with temporary or permanent disabilities;
  • Conducting social and cultural activities;
  • Creation of didactic technologies in the field of education, employment and social inclusion;
  • Providing training materials related to the improvement of key competencies, competencies of the 21st century, recognition and validation of units of learning outcomes at the level of school and vocational education and adult education;
  • Providing various qualification courses, workshops, trainings, seminars, programs for development of competencies necessary for working with children, youth and adults, including those with disabilities;
  • Development of curricula for the development of children, youth and adults, including those with disabilities;
  • Consulting, monitoring and coaching;
  • Organising scientific and educational forums – seminars, conferences, trainings, meetings;
  • Organising networks for mobility and exchange of experience and practices, including abroad;
  • Organising activities for prevention of drug addiction, violence among young people, etc. similar;
  • Establishment of information and consultation centers for achieving coherence between the national and European policy in the field of lifelong guidance; providing educational and consulting services;
  • Carrying out any support activities to achieve the goals of the Association, which do not contradict the national legislation.