• to promote the promotion of good practices in the field of civil society, science, culture, education, sports and physical culture;
  • to support the personal realization and expression of children, young people and the elderly, the social integration of disadvantaged people, the implementation of youth activities and initiatives, solving problems and respecting the rights of citizens; to facilitate their integration into society, their future social and professional realization, protection of their human rights and social and cultural interests;
  • to encourage cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign organizations with the aim of exchanging good practices in the field of education, culture, sports, social and professional realization of children, youth and the elderly;
  • to participate in the development of local, regional and national planning and strategic documents in all spheres of public life affecting children, youth and the elderly;
  • to raise the qualification of young people and to assist in the development and implementation of policies and programs for prevention of early school leaving;
  • to work for creating conditions for organizing, financing and implementation of specific educational, environmental and research programs, projects and initiatives aimed at solving the problems of children, youth and the elderly;
  • to create and implement cultural activities related to organizing and conducting music competitions, master classes, workshops, seminars, etc.;
  • to create and provide methodological support in the implementation of successful digital and distance learning;
  • to promote the provision of services for the integration of vulnerable youth groups in society, incl. unemployed, students and pupils, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and others;
  • to implement and implement the principles of supported employment in Bulgaria;
  • to carry out trainings of specialists working with people with disabilities and parents;
  • to raise public awareness of problems and prevention of socially significant diseases, including the provision of information and the organization of pandemic prevention campaigns.
  • to promote the development and application of innovations, modern and high technologies in the field of youth activities and lifelong learning; to support activities related to the protection of nature and the environment, the realization of a green economy, etc.